Psychological first aid in the event of a disaster refers to the social and psychological support offered to those affected in the early stages of a difficult event of population scale. They can be offered to people of all ages and in different contexts, such as in a work context. The people providing this care do not have to be trained mental health workers. Recommended by international experts, this human and concrete care aims to comfort, help meet essential needs, support in the management of problems and connect people with resources and their support network.

This 45-minute webinar is an introduction to psychological first aid and the content has been adapted to the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. It is intended for people who do not necessarily have training in the field of mental health, but who work with or with other people likely to show distress in relation to the current situation.

Webinar created by Lily Lessard, Ph. D. et Audrey Lafond, T.S.


This webinar is brought to you free of charge by the Service de la formation continue in partnership with the Centre de recherche du CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches and the Chaire de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la santé et les services sociaux pour les populations rurales.

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